Our standpoint 

Smart lighting solutions of exceptional quality and at the forefront of technological capabilities are an asset to your business bottom line. We strive to tailor lighting solutions to reduce electricity outgoings and increase light output. Our managed service is the key to reducing costs associated with lighting. 

What we offer


Our engineering team will design customised luminaires for our clients needs. By manufacturing our own products and guarantee rigorous quality standards. We stand behind our products. Our unique patented lighting technology gives your business an edge over other businesses using outdated luminaires. 

Who we work with 

Our services are targeted at any medium to large scale business. We provide lighting solutions for office space, warehouses, outdoor facilities, apartment buildings, hotels, parking lots and any other commercial premises. 

How we operate

Our experienced team of lighting professionals get to know businesses on personal level by understanding their needs and operative approach. We can lease products or provide flexible financing solutions catering for your lighting project. 

Smart Light Solutions for businesses

Lego Light Lighting Systems offers a unique approach to lighting. Why offer lights when we can offer much more? A hassle-free managed service which deals with your businesses lighting from A to Z. 

lighting systems

Eco Statement

Our products do not contain toxic elements and have a much longer lifespan ensuring lower carbon emissions. We are deeply concerned about the environment and hope that your business will join us in this mission.