One light, many shapes and sizes. 

The 1 m range:

- BL030-30W

- BL040-40W

The 50 cm range:

- BL010-10W

- BL015-15W

- BL020-20W

Junction light:

- BL003

(available in all wattage above)

With lego light, your wishes become a reality

Lego Light is a patented state of the art product luminaire which is designed to reduce installation cost and electricity outgoings whilst increasing luminous efficiency. The design follows a modular approach which allows for fast and low cost maintenance. See the side-by-side comparison below to see the real potential of Lego Light. For detailed specification click here to download our catalogue. 

At Lego Light we like to challenge ourselves. Why comply with the stereotypes when you could have so much more?  

Endless Possibilities 

Products we offer

We offer  a unique patented design which provides maximum luminous efficiency at a fraction of the cost, exclusively manufactured by Lego Light Lighting Systems. Despite this being our flagship product we also manufacture other LED luminaires to suite your needs. These compromise:

- Floodlights;

- High Bay Lamps;

- Corn Bulbs (E40 & E27);

- Petrol station lamps; and 

- Street lights. 

Click Here to view other products specifications

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Other customised designs can be manufactured based on our clients needs. ‚Äč

LED lighting australia

Hang or Affix

stylish interior LED lighting

We crafted our design around the idea "reducing installation cost". 

Product Certification  

Lego Light fully complies with all safety and sustainability standards. A copy of our certificate is available for download below. 

LED interior lights Australia

With the use of our adapter light, you can design your own Lego Light system.  

Bend the rules

stylish interior LED

The engineers at Lego Light have developed an innovative contemporary lighting solution which reduces installation costs, provides flexibility in appearance and easily tailors to any lighting requirements of any facility, building or structure.



More information, photos, specifications and descriptions are available in our product catalogue.

meet the universal lighting system 

You want it? You got it 

User Manual  

A copy of the Lego Light user manual and installation guide is available for download.

Product Range


thinking outside the box

LED wall lights australia

lighting systems

Do it your way, not ours. Be it a pendant style installation or direct mounting, we cater for it all.

LED wall lights australia